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AVI Splitter

If you need a professional video splitter to split a big video file into several video clips at one time, please try this AVI video splitter. If you are looking for a dedicated AVI format video splitter, please free download AVI video splitter software.
AVI splitter is currently the best video cutting program which helps you cut or trim AVI videos as you like by its unique clone cutting mode or encoding cutting mode. With this video AVI cutter, you can set start time and end time with a few clicks then you can get your favorite video segments in a few seconds. Super large video file is preferred.

Marking start point and end point of each segment, you will get multiple split video segments at one time with just one click. The built-in video player for previewing AVI video files allows you to capture video moments exactly as you like.
With this marvelous video AVI splitter, you can enjoy your favorite movie segments with very good video and audio quality.
Main features of AVI format splitter
Split one large AVI file into several video clips efficiently.
Extract your favorite music clips from AVI file or trim unwanted video parts off a big AVI file.
A wonderful and professional video splitter especially designed for AVI format.
With very user-friendly interface, even beginner can operate this video splitter program very easily.
Clone splitting enables you to cut AVI file quickly but without changing format and quality of output files.
Edit the start point and end point of each clip separately and accurately with this video splitter for AVI format.
Modify video/audio codec, bitrates, frame size, frame rate, sample rate and channels to get your ideal video quality.
This video AVI splitter provides a good solution to trim AVI video file into various video clips at your will.
Step-by-step tutorial to cut AVI videos
Free download AVI video splitter and install it in your computer firstly. Launch the video cutting software, the screenshot of the splitter will pop out like this.

Drag and drop AVI file that you want to cut into video clips. A built-in video player can be used to preview input AVI file.
Set Start Time and End Time of video clips. If you mark more than one clip, you can see all the clips you mark in the list.
Then press "Split Now" button, and a window with adjustable settings will pop up, you can choose to use default setting or modify them based on your need.
Lastly, choose the folder for output video files and start to split AVI videos.
In a few seconds, you can enjoy your favorite video segments splitted by our AVI video splitter.